Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year To ALL.
Well Bush Bashing is almost over. No one will be able to blame him for the weather, Al Gore's mouth causing Global Warming, the incredible screw ups of Congress laid on his door step, Cynthia McKinney's hang nails, and the muslin terrorist loving President Elect making wild ass statements about what he would do, the lack of integrity for Wall Street Brokers and Bankers that were shown corruption by individual congressmen being caught.

2009 has many challenges and it is going to take old fashioned Christian Praying men and women of the United States to steer the ship of state through troubled waters. It is an obligation of all citizens to speak out and let the President and Congress know when they are doing something right AND when they are doing something wrong.

Right now we need to stop bailing out companies and start bailing out citizens to give them spending choices that do not include more taxes.

For the auto industry. Freeze the bail oul. Eliminate ALL Federal Laws and regulation imposed on American made vehicles and not the transplants. This includes various gas grades, foreign content of vehicles, anything that inhibits increasing gas mileage on existing sized vehicles, renegotiate UAW contracts or shut done assembly plants to pay competitive wages.

Pass the FAIR TAX ACT and eliminate the IRS.

Implement term limits in Congress to two terms. Congressmen have stopped representing the people after two terms. They are too intent on power and lobby dollars and not the people they represent.

WOW !!! 2009 is going to be a great year. Let,s get ready to make it happen.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tasers and training

The current rage of the Lefty Libs is to cry about the use of Tasers by Police officers. The technology of patrol car cam and freedom of information laws makes the case for increased training of police officers in the use of force and what type of force for different situations.

From the few examples being shown on the internet, there seems to be a great reluctance to touch a subject being arrested and/or a great reluctance to getting uniforms messed up in the process.

I was a police officer in the 70's. We did not have fancy toys or bullet proof vests. What we did have were slap saps, short billy clubs and kubatons (a keychain billy-club). We learned there was a difference between inflicting pain and incapacitating a person when using these tools.

With a lot of practice we became quite efficient at taking all kinds of people into custody with minimal effort. If you were not good at learning the skill set you got your ass beat. Then you had to work harder to take that person into custody.

You also have police officers that are on power trips. They intentionally say or do things to incite a violent reaction of a citizen contact. This type of officer thinks they have the right to do this just so they can administer street justice and prove they are in control.

I am also happy to say these officers are in a very small minority.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

BEWARE!!! Black Friday! Full Moon! Blonds with cell phones driving SUV's in and around Mall Parking lots.

With the Full Moon you had plenty of Blond wannabes driving just as stupid.

Examples included:
  • Parking in No Parking Zones.
  • Parking in Handicap Parking and they are not Handicapped!
  • Cutting in front of other cars waiting for a parking spot.
  • Right turns from left lanes and left turns from right lanes.
  • Wives bad-mouthing husbands trying to drive.
  • Uncontrolled kids with uncaring excuses for adults.

The best method to get along is to put on a plastic smile and go about your business without choking anyone.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Atlanta Traffic

All week there was supposed to be reduced traffic.

Maybe it's a location thing. I could not get on 85 southbound in the morning all week. I had to take surface streets to get from Mall of Ga to Old Peachtree road and 85.

I have concluded that Stupidity is a disease and we are in the middle of a Pandemic with the mental acuity of local drivers.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving has been cancelled

Have you tried to purchase anything for Thanksgiving?

I went to local Dollar store to buy window cling, table cloth and napkins. None stocked.

The store employee said they had Holiday stuff only. No Thanksgiving.

That triggered a quick trip to Publix, Kroger, WalMart, K Mart, and Michaels.

Thanksgiving was canceled. I could buy turkeys at the food stores.

Finally a new Super Store recently opened in Oakwood Georgia. a WalMart.

Success when keep looking.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Chris Dodd is a politician who has failed in his purpose for serving in the Congress. As a committee Chairman he has failed to perform his assigned duties. As a Congressman he has failed the folks that elected him.

Many years ago when Chris Dodd was first running for office the mantra was "out with the old and in with the new" and a fresh, untainted new young man was elected. I was there. As a passionate member of IBEW LU261 I was on the Pac Team that supported Chris Dodd. The labor vote got Chris Dodd elected and the first term in office was an exciting time to watch him help make changes for the benefit of the workers of Connecticut.

After the second term it became obvious that Chris Dodd no longer represented the people. He was all about getting re elected and not serving the people. He has gone down hill ever since.

I find it very hard to believe that he thinks he is qualified to run for President. The only thing more ludicrous is Hillary Clinton thinking she has qualifications. At least Chris Dodd actually got things done in the beginning. Hillary has got NOTHING DONE, EVER. She has authored no successful bills in Congress. She was a zero as a first lady, her Health Care Plan was joke, she trashed the travel office in the White House, and she was a suspect in the Whitewater affairs.

Stupid Drivers

You gotta love drivers that are on the cell phone held up to head and they signal a left turn and immediately go to the right side of road to make left turn. They do the opposite when making a right turn.

Drivers that speed up to pass a truck and then cut in front of the truck and slow down causing the driver of the truck to lock up his/her brakes and smoking the the road. Frequently in the Atlanta area the car is immediately run over by the truck.